Restoring surface looks and safety

A deep clean can transform a tile surface – but it can also restore slip-resistant properties too!resore tile surfaces

The tricky part is finding a product that gets results, without compromising the surface.

FILAPS87 is the ‘three-in-one’ solution. It can be used either diluted or neat to tackle a range of issues – and can safely be used on terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain, glazed ceramics, concrete, linoleum, rubber and PVC, unpolished marble and agglomerates.

Undiluted, it will remove stubborn stains from a range of surfaces, including porcelain, whilst diluted FILAPS87 deep cleans and removes grease and wax.

For best results, leave it to act for a few minutes, then scrub the surface with a brush or single disc cleaner. Extracted dirt can then be vacuumed or wiped away, before the surface is rinsed.

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Article written by Angela Fitzhugh

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